Operated by Districts 6 & 7 of the American Contract Bridge League

MABC – About

The name of our organization is the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference, Inc. (MABC). It is a voluntary, cooperative endeavor between District 6 and District 7 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). District Seven includes NC, SC, GA and eastern TN while District Six consists of VA, DC and most of MD. It is responsible for conducting all regional tournaments in these areas and helps to promote all tournaments in both Districts. Its objectives include cooperating with and assisting the ACBL in the promotion and conduct of all bridge tournaments within both District 6 and District 7; helping coordinate tournament schedules within Districts 6 and 7 and adjacent districts; and seeking concerted action on all matters affecting Districts 6 and 7, by consultation with and recommendations to the District Representatives on the ACBL Board of Directors.