MABC Developments:

Jim Villanueva, District 7 President and Don Berman, District 6 President, wish to give you an update on the ongoing reorganization of the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference (MABC).In Gatlinburg, District 7 voted to take primary responsibility to execute its own regionals and tournament finances while passing another motion asking the MABC to continue in its current duties while an orderly transition process is developed.The MABC is fully functional and Tom Dow has assumed the presidency for the remainder of the year. Chris Moll was elected by the MABC Executive Committee to become MABC VP for the remainder of the year. The scheduled elections for next year’s officers will take place during the Atlanta Labor Day Regional.A committee of members from District 6 and 7, who have been working on preliminary restructuring plans, will meet in Raleigh to discuss the future role of the MABC and forge detailed plans for an orderly transition.

Players will continue to enjoy our tournaments and notice subtle improvements in their operations. All MABC prize coupons and free plays will be honored in both districts.

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